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Rosemary Mint Body Soap

Rosemary Mint Body Soap

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Description: Rosemary and mint are two plants with a high number of medicinal properties for our skin. Along with the antiseptic, stimulating, refreshing, and invigorating properties of rosemary, and the fresh aroma with medicinal properties of mint, this body soap refreshes, moisturizes the skin and has antioxidant properties that help delay skin aging. In addition, rosemary is a natural relaxant, making it perfect for refreshing and relaxing your skin.

Properties: Moisturizing, antiseptic, nourishing, refreshing.

Ingredients: SCI (Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate), Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Agave Honey, Peppermint Essential Oil, and Rosemary Essential Oil.

Directions for use: Wet your hair and apply directly. Massage and then rinse. After use, rinse your solid, and place it in a dry, cool place away from the sun.

Important: All of our solids are handmade and made with natural ingredients, and there may be variations in color, aroma, and texture between batches.

Content: 80 g

Plastic saved: 1 plastic container of 200 ml


Handmade: Mexico

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