Immerse yourself in cultures you love, near and far. Our shop bridges geographical and cultural
lines by bringing together a diverse collection of worldwide fashion. YUYU Cultural Shop is your
gateway to a world of authentic, cultural goods and a daily dose of wanderlust and inspiration.

¡Dale sabor a tu guardarropa!

Making every week fashion week, the cultural way

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Where tradition and modern meet and where cultures blend—that’s how we’d describe our
We celebrate roots and culture by offering a fusion of traditionally styled fashion with new
trends from the next generation of artisans, designers, and handcrafters around the globe.
YUYU is your locally-based multicultural fashion shop that makes buying authentic clothes from
other countries easy. Whether you are looking for a reboso like your grandmother used to wear
or hand-painted Turkish jewelry from across the sea, we have everything you need to style your
looks and feel your authentic best.

Curating multicultural fashion from every corner of the world

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    Coast to coast fashion

    Exploring multiculturalism in
    fashion and giving life to our
    clothes. That’s what we do.

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    Bringing a sense of home

    We honor treasures that are
    uniquely your own and
    remind you of home.

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    People and planet first

    Our neighbors around the
    world and the planet itself are
    our greatest priorities.

Wear your cultural love! Which culture do you identify with?

“Muy bonita la tienda. Tiena cosas muy interesante. Compre ropa para mí y mis nietos. Si voy a
regresar por mas.”– Martha V.

“Very unique items that many people will love. I’m excited to try new flavors and experience
new things.” – Karen A

The handcrafting artisan is sitting on a wooden chair, in front of a white wall and an abstract art painting.  She is dressed in a red blouse with small white dots and dark blue jeans. As accessories she has a handmade red heart-shaped necklace and earrings

Edith Orozco Guanajuato, Mexico

Emerging from a family generation of handcrafting artisans, Edith Orozco reimagines wearable multicultural art by merging traditional methods with new techniques, resulting in culturally recognizable designs generated in a new way. Edith learned from her mother, a handcrafter herself, and grew up creating arts through papier mache. She continued art-making at a university, formalizing her education and expanding into modern tools. Today, Edith works from the company she started, featuring her namesake. She specializes in sculptures and jewelry-making which has caught the attention of tourists and international fans. Edith dedicates her work to her daughter who perhaps one day may be an artisan herself.ails on availability, style, or even provide a review.

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Green textured tote bag viva la vida with an illustration of Frida Kahlo in the center of the bag. It has Mexican art embellishments such as the famous red heart, pink flowers, green leaves and a key chain in different colors

Cautivo, Mexico

The Mexican brand, Cautivo, brings life to accessories and fashion by inspiration of folk art, pop culture, collage, and great works of history. They have a deep appreciation for everyday items as relics symbolizing art and culture. As a company, Cautivo subscribes to the philosophy of slow fashion and ethical labor, making their products environmentally friendly. Cautivo is proud to say their products are made individually, not by mass production. Their signature pieces include handbags, accessories and clothes inspired by Mexican designs.

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Red and silver cultural fashion necklace. the center is red and has a golden ornament, the chain is made with black and silver stones

Folklorika, Mexico

Seeking to highlight the heritage, tradition, and beliefs of their nation, Folklorika accessories are a symbol of Mexican appreciation. The founder, Alejandra Baeza Jiménez originally planned to create Mexican-inspired apparel. However, healthcare issues kept her from fulfilling this dream. Still dedicated to the idea of preserving Mexican designs, Alejandra began jewelry-making, which was less laborious than clothes-making and had room for growth in the market. Her pieces are well known in the state of Chiapas, Mexico today and have sparked the curiosity of the media, customers, and collectors.

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Mexican cultural shop team that make a mark in this world.  The five people are in a conference room and behind it is an orange wall and a digital sign. They are dressed in elegant black and blue outfits with accessories such as hats and handmade necklaces

Proud to be a Hispanic-owned, minority-owned business

From dream to reality, the success of YUYU Cultural Shop represents our hard work, dedication, and celebration of people. It’s what we in Mexico call ganas, the unwavering desire of wanting something and seeing it all the way through. Our efforts to bring you a quality collection of cultural, wearable art is our gift to humankind. It’s how we want to leave our mark in this world, making way for the next generation of changemakers.

In the boutique there are three women shopping for multicultural and handmade products. The women are dressed in fall outfits and one of them is holding a cup of coffee

Partnering with leading organizations

Our goal is to encourage cultural curiosity and cultural affinity among many group of peoples. We were delighted to do just that when we hosted Coffee with the Chamber in partnership with the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce at our YUYU Cultural Shop in La Gran Plaza.

It was a privilege to see people from different backgrounds and cultures come together to share ideas and make new connections. Your contributions to the discussions and networking activities were invaluable and helped make the event a truly memorable one. We were also thrilled to show our latest examples of multiculturalism in fashion. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!