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Cultural Crochet Dolls

Cultural Crochet Dolls

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Description: Our Handmade Crochet Dolls, a collection of charming and whimsical dolls that are lovingly crafted by hand. Each doll is unique, with its own personality and character that is sure to capture your heart. By choosing a handmade doll, you're supporting sustainable and ethical practices. They're the perfect cultural dolls for imaginative play, storytelling, or simply as a comforting companion.

Applicable Categories: Toys

Applicable Collection: Rose

Size/Dimensions: H 9 W 3.5

Handcrafted: Mexico

Color: Multicolor 

Disclaimer: Due to the handmade/handcrafted nature of our products, there may be slight variations in color and/or craftsmanship.Not one doll is the same.

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